Free projects

There are many ways to tell stories and share knowledge. In my free projects I work in cooperative, creative and associative ways. This is how my story becomes the story of others, a text inspires a painting, memories condense into a film, an interview turns into a dialogue. Many of these creative cooperations so far have emerged from the Encounters Media Workshops.

Kiezstory 10 – The Meaning of Life

2021. In the Encounters Media workshop “The Meaning of Life” we looked for connections between philosophical considerations and cinematic artistic implementation. After an introduction to philosophical thought, three groups got together, contemplated important questions of life and started filming. A short film with three chapters was created in the process. The middle part “Comenius’ garden” was created by me, Lucy Paul, Zoe Paul and Encounters Media Workshop. More information about the film can be found here

Ghost Train – Memories of ghost trains and ghost stations in former East and West Berlin.

2020. A motion comic project with Anja Werner, Azam Aghalouie and Hassan Tavakoli. Developed in the project Coldwar Childhoods and published with Encounters Media Workshops. 


»The Kids from the Refugee home«

2020. A talk about the collaborative children’s book project »The Kids from the Refugee home« with my former research partner and project initiator Hoa Mai Trần.

/ Illustration: Michaela Schultz 


»The Berlin wall crumbled – and I smelled cake.«

2019. With Ashbee Wong. Inspired by the participation in the project Coldwar Childhoods and realised in the workshop Picturing Encounters for storytellers und illustrators by Encounters Media Workshops.  

/  Illustration: Ashbee Wong


BBC news: 30 years on: The legacy of the Berlin Wall for Germany

The project »The Berlin wall crumbled – and I smelled cake«“ led to another project, not by, but with me: 30 years on: The legacy of the Berlin Wall for Germany. BBC news/stories 2019. 

/ Photo: Me on the Berlin wall (in the center) at the 10.11.1989


The Art of Studying the BureaucraTree

2019. With Alvaro Martinez/Studio Abashi. Paying tribute to my PhD supervisor Thomas Bierschenk, published on the occasion of his retirement in: A. Kolloch, C. Molter & E. Riedke (Eds.): The Art of Bureaucracy, S. 22.

/ Idea: Sarah Fichtner, Illustration: Alvaro Martinez – Studio Abashi


2018. With Canan Mona Pour-Norouz. A talk about dance, self-liberation and growing into spaces that are foreign to you.


My Berlin: (be-)longing

2016. With Alvaro Martinez/Studio Abashi and Hussam Tumma Al-Saadi, Rawaa Azizi, Alaa Ali, Sarah Hartmann. Stories that emerged in the Sunday Café, a space for encounters between newcomers and people who have been calling Berlin their home for a longer time.

/ Illustration: Alvaro Martinez – Studio Abashi

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